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trials.... [Sep. 2nd, 2002|09:48 pm]
Kevin @ CT Wolf
[mood |blankblank]

Today's was Malay (composition test). X_X It was ok. Sis just returned her violin to the shop. I followed her. I saw this shop called the Orange Shop. They were selling everything for RM 4.99 there, including some cups with doggy pics ^_^. Sadly, I had not enough money with me, or I would have bought that Siberian Husky cup. Back at home , it was the usual weekday life. I did have some posting glitches today, not to mention POP mail problem. First of all, my lousy connection made me accidently double post at TIB. Next, my family's POP account's server changed its address. We did as instructed but it didn't work. Then, I found out that the SMTP address was wrong and repaired the problem. I'm planning to get StreamyX (broadband connection) soon. Think about it, 384k, its like the Lotus in the modem world (but nothing beats the T3 connection ;) ) I'm going to bed now, g'night.