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Posting in the rain [Aug. 30th, 2002|01:41 pm]
Kevin @ CT Wolf
[mood |crazycrazy]
[music |Gundam Wing - Rhythm Emotion]

Ugh...i'm posting this online while a thunder storm is flooding the drains at my house. Luckily the lightning didn't strike my modem O_O. I saw this at Silver's journal. According to her, she saw this from Kimbo's journal first before giving it a try

Trading Cards
Free Account Edition
User Number: 679446
Date Created:24-8-2002
Number of Posts: 5

An anthro wolf/dog. Working for several armies as a commando and does his part time job at Wolf INC. Likes to eat food, especially when he gets to eat 5 times a day. *burp*
Strengths: Friendly, skilled spy and commando, likes to help, gives free stuff to good people, always up-to-date on IT
Weaknesses: Gets hungry easily, forgetful, sub-bimbo (at times), like to O.O O.O o_o O_O o.O O.o o_O O_o too often, controlled by mood at times,
Special Skills: Elite Commando, Spy, Super Wolfy
Weapons: Beam saber, personal beam-type weapons, mobile suits, WA-01A, energy paws.
Wolfies: "Wolfies Wolfies Wolfies they are cute and furry, don't piss them off or end up in their tummy!"

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OOOO.....I'm a trading card!!
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Angry Wolf [Aug. 29th, 2002|08:02 pm]
Kevin @ CT Wolf
[mood |angryangry]

WAHH!! I Went to the night market just now, trying to get CW's tiger shirt, but it RAINED!! AHHHH! Then mom started to ask the shops if they sell it and all of them said no. It must have been sold off! ;_; (have to get it on Saturday at Mid Valley Mega Mall.....more pics on Sat)
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Wednesday (late update) [Aug. 28th, 2002|09:41 pm]
Kevin @ CT Wolf
[mood |blankblank]

ack..a late update today. I seem to be getting not enough pictures these days for my Live Journal......but don't worry, they will come....in another week or so. Since the school has banned handphones, I can take advantage of the rule (they didn't include Pocket PCs :P ). I discovered that the DIVX player on Pocket PCs actually worked, and its better than ever. Now, I can convert a film into avi and it'll only take up 1/4 of the actual file size. Balto 2 was around 138 MB. I was impressed, but its still too big for my storage card :((. So, I was busy converting Lady and The Tramp 2 into a few parts and copying one of the 3 parts onto my storage card (on my Pocket PC), around 20 mins long each. My friends wanted to view it at school, so I had to copy one file everyday. The serial cable is killing me. It took me 2 hours to copy the whole file onto my iPAQ . I'm gonna go get a USB converter soon. The night market will be up tommorow evening. If it doesn't rain, then I might be going there to get CW the tiger shirt. Test is coming in another week, but that doesn't stop me form coming online all day. Mom said we must work and play equally, so its study 3 hrs, play 3 hrs.
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another day [Aug. 27th, 2002|05:34 pm]
Kevin @ CT Wolf
[mood |blahblah]

Ugh.....sorry readers, no pics today. I was late for school but slipped into the front gate just in time before the prefects close them. Assembly as usual. The headmistress gave out a new order, that is no more handphones to school due to the rapid, increasing numbers of handphone thefts in school. Most of the students were disappointed because they normally bring their handphones to school during the times when they were permitted in the school compound. On recess, I went to visit my friend next class. He got a busted ankle. He said he twisted it when he was playing basketball yesterday, but that doesn't stop him from playing basketball in class.....on one leg O_O. Art test was today, and my, it was confusing. Back at home, my sister went out with mom to hire a violin to pratice on it.
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A day in the life.... [Aug. 26th, 2002|03:15 pm]
Kevin @ CT Wolf
[mood |calmcalm]

Ok...today is Monday and I have to get my lazy arse off the bed and get ready for school. I woke up around 6.20am , got off the bed and washed my face. Breakfast was no other than 3 pieces of Gardenia bread with jam and butter. Then, its off to the toilet to brush my teeth, do my business, wear my uniform and off to school on Dad's Toyota. We always had an assembly on Monday. ( My school's name is Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sultan Abdul Samad or Sultan Abdul Samad High School in English, I presume). We gather onto some grounds they, so call it, the assembly ground to have our daily assembly. After a 35 minute wait, we were sent back to class by the prefects. As usual, we had BM (Malay) and BI (english) lessons on the first half of Monday's schooling hours. on 9.55am, it was recess. All the students flocked to the canteen. At 10.15am, recess was over and I came back to class. Science teacher was absent, so the whole class yahooed and started to play bottlecaps and rubber fights. Some of the punks were even gambling O_O with cards. Suddenly, we heard a loud BANG sound. We looked out of the corridor and saw a chalkboard, all chalky and destroyed Question marks popped up from our minds, but after some curiosity and busybodyness, the class went back to normal. I was thinking "Last Friday, the teacher fought a student, now this?", but I didn't really intend to bother. After Science was Art class. Our art teacher was reminding us about the Art test tomorrow, which, the marks, will be registered on our Art Certificates. Soon, it was 1.05pm, where school ends. Mom came and fetched me back from school. After bathing and playing the piano for 1 hour, i'm typing this journal. Hopefully, i'll post more tonight.
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